Wednesday, August 19, 2009

shoe crush: chloe sevigny for open ceremony multi buckle wedge booties

chloe sevigny for open ceremony multi buckle wedge booties, $625

In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die!" (so excited that the new season of the Rachel Zoe Project is about to start!)

Wow, I just saw these shoes for the first time today on's new lookbook, and I was in love! Then I saw that they were one of Chloe Sevigny's shoes, and I was reminded at just how much I admire that woman's style. I must post about her soon!


In any case, it took me a bit to find any info about these shoes; the shopbop link just leads to a blank I'm not sure where you actually could buy the shoes, provided that you do have the $625 available. Still, I really like the styling shopbop did with the shoes; I'm definitely into the whole neo-take on the 1990s -- the coming reincarnation is far more fashionable than the actual decade. Oh, the 90s!

Then, while browsing, I came across these beauties:

jeffrey campbell potion, $154.95 at

Jeffrey Campbell sure makes some great shoes...and, sure enough, I could only find these babies available for pre-order, arriving around October 15th (2 months...!?!). Somehow, though, I stumbled across, and they had my size in stock! I couldn't resist...I ordered them right away; I feel like I found the perfect shoe for fall!

Really makes me want to be in nyc...I felt so much more inpired with fashion when I was visiting there! Austin's flip flop abundance doesn't always give me the fashion rush I crave...

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