Wednesday, August 19, 2009

shoe crush: chloe sevigny for open ceremony multi buckle wedge booties

chloe sevigny for open ceremony multi buckle wedge booties, $625

In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die!" (so excited that the new season of the Rachel Zoe Project is about to start!)

Wow, I just saw these shoes for the first time today on's new lookbook, and I was in love! Then I saw that they were one of Chloe Sevigny's shoes, and I was reminded at just how much I admire that woman's style. I must post about her soon!


In any case, it took me a bit to find any info about these shoes; the shopbop link just leads to a blank I'm not sure where you actually could buy the shoes, provided that you do have the $625 available. Still, I really like the styling shopbop did with the shoes; I'm definitely into the whole neo-take on the 1990s -- the coming reincarnation is far more fashionable than the actual decade. Oh, the 90s!

Then, while browsing, I came across these beauties:

jeffrey campbell potion, $154.95 at

Jeffrey Campbell sure makes some great shoes...and, sure enough, I could only find these babies available for pre-order, arriving around October 15th (2 months...!?!). Somehow, though, I stumbled across, and they had my size in stock! I couldn't resist...I ordered them right away; I feel like I found the perfect shoe for fall!

Really makes me want to be in nyc...I felt so much more inpired with fashion when I was visiting there! Austin's flip flop abundance doesn't always give me the fashion rush I crave...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

outfit of the day: feelin' kinda gypsy

The other day I came across an old skirt I hadn't worn in quite awhile and, channeling my inner-gypsy, I decided to create an outfit around it:

wearing: f21 skirt, amrita sighn gold sandals, asos tank, f21 necklace, vintage bangles & ring, barrym nailpolish

It was the perfect outfit for another hot august day here in Austin; skirts and maxi dresses are wardrobe essentials for days which come close to hitting 110 degrees. And one of my favorite parts of the entire outfit was my nail color --a light, bright blue -- which I thought was really unexpected with the rest of the outfit.
barry m nail polish, available at

Unfortunately, you have to order barry m nail colors from the UK, and they do a terrible job of packing. One of my polishes actually shattered in transit, making for a bit of a mess. Still, they're affordable and come in awesome colors which I haven't seen anywhere else! Really love crazy colors for nails.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

shoe crush: acne suede elastic strapped heeled shoes

Geez, the name of the shoe is a mouthful. But it's gorgeous! Provided I had the money to blow, I don't even know which color I'd get; they're both wonderful.

I loveeee the elastic banding. Such a simple idea, but it makes such a bold statement! These shoes are THE perfect fall shoe in my opinion -- in either color. I wish the black ones had a different color of elastic banding (gray, maybe?); but they are, nonetheless, very cool.

Want 'em? Only $413.78 at Sigh. A girl can dream....

shout out!

Just wanted to do a quick post...

Styled a fashion show last night; it was great! I was working with Megan Summerville again; this time, she invited Tracy Tenpenny to display her jewelry collection in the show. Tracy loved how I styled her jewelry with Megan's garments; I couldn't imagine things having gone much better! (Well, there wasn't really a good place w/ adequate lighting to take photos, so that is the one disappointing element.)

Anyway, just wanted to share these amazing designers' links with the world...
Sew Sister (Megan Summerville)
Tracy Tenpenny Jewelry

Check out their work! Stay tuned for pictures from the show...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Valentino Couture Fall 2009

I just had to share these pictures I found while browsing through random fashion shows. I am entirely obsessed with the lacey, feather-laden masks and headpieces in this show! If only I could borrow them...! I love the shapes in this collection as well; I'm amazed at how Valentino manages to create so much volume and contour without making the fabric look heavy and weighted. Makes me excited for fall! (But not so excited for Texas fall...because it's not the same!)
I want this coat! I'm obsessed with ruffles.

The shape created on the side of this dress is breathtakingly feminine, and it somehow doesn't make the model's figure look bulky, despite all the fabric. Gorgeous.

Amazing. The combination of lace + feathers + perfect.

The illusion in the garments is beautiful; it looks like the roses are floating.

Love the practically-all-nude look! And the headpiece is fantastic. Not to mention those shoes...!

The combination of nude and black is great for fall! The skirt is fab -- it reminds me of a 60s mod lampshade! (only more refined, of course.)

Now someone get me those masks & headpieces!!! Please??

Saturday, August 1, 2009

outfit of the day: 40s style throwback

I really adore this skirt. It completely evokes that 1940s/1950s style of high-waisted, voluminous circle skirts. When I wore this outfit, I received a crazy amount of compliments; I couldn't even keep track! High-waisted, statement-making skirts like this are bound to draw attention....and I highly recommend trying out this look. I modernized it with an edgy, exposed-zipper tank blouse from topshop, which is also fantastic. Love this outfit!

vs vintage style skirt, topshop exposed zipper top, zara braided leather heels...that's it!