Sunday, July 26, 2009

outfit of the day

This outfit is also from at least a week ago...can't seem to keep my posts recent :P

Also, unfortunately, the pictures aren't the best quality, since we took them at night. Have to work to learn the D90 settings -- I still use auto most of the time, although I love playing with the lens. Still, I'm not the one taking the pictures. Anyway, here are a few pics of my lovely h&m dress which I snagged on my last trip to nyc. I forgot to take pictures of the back -- it's low cut scoopneck, which really makes the dress.

Oh well, I tried. Here are some of my mediocre night pictures:

close-up to see details, fab clutch

just playing with effects...
wearing: h&m dress, beautiful people shoes, uo tie dye clutch, vtg peacock feather earrings, lots of bangles and baubles

Thursday, July 23, 2009

shoe crush

i have a new shoe crush! and they are spectacular....

jeffrey campbell michelle, $119.95. you can get 'em if you're a size 6.

oh jeffrey campbell, why must you continuously torture me with your delectable shoes? sigh. i am in love with these unicorn-like shoes by jeffrey cambpell! problem? i can't even find them to buy. sold out everywhere. i've been looking for a pair of nude colored shoes lately, too....and the moment i find them, i can't have them. my heart....breaks.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

trends for fall: shoulders

Yep, I'm already thinking about the fall. Isn't it crazy how the print media (in particular, but not solely) coerces us to always be thinking at least one season ahead? I mean, the fact that I'm already looking at coats and warm cuddly things when it's about 107 degrees here in Austin says a LOT. Just pick up any fashion magazine, and you'll understand what I mean; they're always convincing us to thing (and buy) ahead.

Well, I'm not buying yet, but I am scoping out the trends. And one of the trends that I'm starting to see pop up is an emphasis on shoulders. The great Donna Karan's mastery of making shoulders emphasized-and-sexy will be an important trend this coming season, evoking the ghosts of 80s silhouettes.

Here are some random findings; I'll start with the Balmain jacket with which I'm in love (does Balmain ever make anything which I don't want? I doubt it.), followed buy some pictures from The Fashion Show on Bravo, where the designers showed their final collections. I was particularly smitten with Daniella's collection, in which she totally played with emphasizing the (you guessed it) shoulders.
ugh. loving this balmain jacket. only $10,770 at net-a-porter. yikes.

images from daniella's collection (from the fashion show on bravo) -- see more images at bravotv.comThis was actually a really cool look (above); hard to see the details in this photo

Above is one of my favorite looks from her collection. I love the two nude colors on the top; it creates a defined shoulder while maintaining a softer, feminine look


Loving the green pants. Definitely should have been better-fit to the model. I really love the necklace, too!

So...girls, dig out your shoulder pads! Prepare for 80s sihlouettes making a comeback for fall -- although hopefully in a more-refined, sophisticated way! What do you all think of the "emphasis on the shoulders" trend? I, personally, think it can be fab if done properly. But I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

outfit of the day: a week or so ago...

moi...don't know why i decided on a sweater in 100 + degree heat.....

My fab cutout of my current faves. And my lavender toes.

Close-up on the lace tank...wanted to show the lace :)

jcrew neon-ish cashmere cardigan, asos tank, f21 lace tank, aa circle scarf, cheap monday denim, luichiny cutout booties

I really enjoy this outfit; it's simple yet chic, and the cardigan is handy to have when you enter anywhere with air conditioning. Plus I adore the color of the cardigan; it doesn't completely translate from the pictures, but it's almost a neon color, but not so bright, and with a little bit of a lime hue. And, of course, you've seen the shoes before! They go with everything; I highly recommend buying a pair of booties for your wardrobe if you don't have any yet.

Friday, July 17, 2009

outfit of the day: Feathers Vintage, Fashion Week Austin

Soooooooo, it's Austin Fashion Week here....= crazy busy.

I finally get a break. Last night was our fashion show at Qua, and everything went really well. There was the usual craziness, especially in light of planning everything at the last second! For the small amount of preparation, I think everything turned out extraordinarily well! I'm excited to get some photos; hopefully I'll get those soon. I didn't have time to take any pics myself (unfortunately; I really would have loved to!), but we had 2 great photographers backstage, as well as more for the runway.

In other Fashion Week news, I went mentioned earlier that I would be attending the Feathers Vintage Blog Launch Party in Austin...and I did. It was really fab! Lots of cute outfits, and all around fun. And I'm happy to say I made their "Favorite Fashionistas" blog! Here's my pic from their site:

Wearing: vintage metallic skirt, BDG silk blouse, vintage bangles, vintage croc clutch, Luichiny cutout booties, and handmade flower necklace (made by me!) on a vintage chain

I have more pics of myself in this outfit...just gotta transfer everything from my cam to the compy. This will happen soon!!! Check out the new Feathers blog here until then; and, if you're in the Austin area, definitely stop by! It's one of my favorite vintage stores....ever.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

it's been a minute....

Hey guys! So, it's been awhile since my last post (sorry!), but I've been reallllllllly busy. Currently, I'm working on Austin Fashion Week (it's Austin's very first Fashion Week ever...yay!), and I've been going nonstop. I love it, though; I'm stying for Texas's Next Top Designer (she just won the award!), Megan Summerville. She's an amazingly talented lingerie designer who specializes in creating gorgeous pieces out of vintage fabric. She truely has some breathtaking designs.

This weekend, I did two photo shoots for Megan's designs; I did the hair and styled booth shoots. It was great! I have some pictures from the shoot for your enjoyment. I'm hoping we'll get some color shots...I really love the color in her garments.

The last shot is one of my chic. Shot by Benson Roberts of Mange La Mode; Designs by Megan Summerville

And, if you're in Austin, come out for fashion week! We'll be at Underwear (916 B, W. 12th St. Austin, TX) from 5p-8p this Thursday, July 16th for "Lingerie and Cocktails" ...! I'll be styling & doing hair for that event, as well as for our runway show later on that night! I'm not sure the exact time of our show yet, but I'll post more info as soon as I have it. It will be at Qua on 5th St. right in downtown Austin, and there will be multiple designers on the runway (only multiple designer show during Austin Fashion Week!). You don't want to miss it. I think it's going to start between be at Qua on Thursday at 9pm (after you've enjoyed your Lingerie & Cocktails at Underwear, of course)!!!

You can check out the entire fashion week schedule here, although I'm not sure whether or not our runway show will be listed. As for tonight, I'm off to Feathers Boutique for their Blog Launch Party from 6pm-8pm. See you there!