Thursday, April 30, 2009

outfit of the day

vintage boy's blazer, aa white & black tanks, f21 jeans, shoe booties from, topshop chain necklace, aa gray hat

I'm all about the menswear-inspired looks lately....

Style Steal

Style Steal: Chloe Shoes

Do you covet designer shoes (I know you do. Come on.)? Take a look at these two fab deals found on

£111.30 excl. VAT = approx. $164.49

Also £111.30 excl. VAT = approx $164.49

If that isn't temptation, I don't know what is. Man, Chloe has some beautiful shoes....and those are both steals at that price!! Make sure to check out -- especially their sale page! Man, the UK has the best stores, don't they?? Jealous.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

outfit of the day

wearing: vintage cropped tux jacket, h&m blouse, f21 flower and pearl necklace, twelvebytwelve tulle skirt, guess shoes

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

shoe crush of the day

Thick banded heels and wedges

In my efforts to find a savvy summer shoe, I've discovered a trend I like: thick or wide banding (or straps...I guess) on sandals, wedges, pumps....and pretty much any shoe. It's definitely closely-related to the gladiator look, but it's a little more streamlined and a little less masculine. Plus, I think these shoes have a higher chance of lasting through more seasons without going out of style, which is always something to think about when making a shoe purchase. Here are some of my favorites:

my fave, lovely Fendi Back-Zip Sandals at saks, $640

Modern Vintage Women's Ananise Platform Ankle Strap Sandal at, $275
($25 of $100 of certain shoes at! Search "springevent" on their site for qualifying shoes.

Gee Wawa Women's Gambit Heeled Bootie Sandal at, $277.95

Lawrence by nine west, $59.99

Love them all! I tried to include something for most price ranges. What do you the trend?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

outfit of the day

vintage sheer magenta dress, vintage belt, aa hat, & zara neon shoes

Shoe lovers, eat your heart out.

I wish I had some close-ups of the detailing on this dress! Anyway, it's a really cute secretary-style bright magenta dress with a three-button closure detailing at the neckline. The top is sheer (bottom is not), and the waist has elasticity, which helps to make it fitted while maintaining that blouson-like look. Will be up on ebay soon (although I have more styling to do before that happens!) Oh, and I just threw in that extra photo of the shoes...picked those babies up in Barcelona at a Zara. They are fabulous! And not to be missed with the highlighter neon yellow color! Loves.

online shopping jewel

Lipsy London

I found this little gem of an online boutique whilst stumbling around UK fashion sites (which I love to do); they have some really fantastic pieces! And the prices are very reasonable (yes, it's in pounds sterling which, for us Americans, kind of sucks...) for the products. Bonus for US citizens -- when checking out, your order may actually be cheaper than it seems, because we don't get charged VAT (which is 15%). However, shipping is costly, so it depends on how much you actually spend. But....your order could potentially be less than it appears! Here are some of my favorites from the site:

Strapless jeweled pocket dress, £65.00, already sold out! (says they'll be getting more soon...)

Bustier ruffle dress, £70.00

And, for all of you still coveting a military marching band cadet (etc.) jacket, check this out!
Military frilled leather jacket, £140.00

The construction of the garments appears to be really fantastic for the prices on this site. Yes, it is in pounds, but keep in mind that the dollar-to-pound conversion rate is the lowest it's been in a long, long time! (1
£ = 1.455 dollars, last I checked today, which is pretty good. And don't forget the VAT discount!) So go! Check out this site!

shoe crush of the day

Maison Martin Margiela Ovine Wedge Sandals
$895 at Saks

Because Mama has to pay the rent....

Ash Soho One Band Mid Heel Booties

The ash shoes are a really good look-a-like; still, I think I could die happy being buried in that insanely gorgeous pair of Maison Martin Margielas. The sleekness from the pointed heel up to the wide leather banding is captivating; I love looking at these shoes. Still, the ash pair is a bargain at $212 compared to $895! So, if you're impulsive -- buy the ash pair! If you're ready to save up some cash and invest, start stockpiling and dreaming of the Maison Martin Margielas.

Monday, April 20, 2009

style maven: edie sedgwick

Ever since watching Factory Girl, I have become obsessed with the life of Edie Sedgwick. Yes, I know the movie was not exactly well-accepted by die-hard Edie fans, but, nonetheless, it was a fantastic introduction into the life of a style icon! I adore the short-haired, long earring look; I just can't seem to read enough about this amazing, crazy woman, and the more pictures I've found, the more intrigued I've become. Here are a few of my favorites:

...and those It amazes me how relevant her look is to today's fashion; she definitely embodied 60s mod, but there is something about her look that is entirely timeless.

i must have it: military marching band drummer boy new (or vintage) sgt. pepper balmain jacket

Alright, so this style of jacket has lots of descriptors, as evident by the title. I've seen them called band, military, Sgt. Pepper, frogged, and marching jackets, to list just a few of the names! In any case, the leader in this trend seems to be the fantastic Balmain, having created some fabulous marching jackets (with some not-so-fabulous pricetags. Yikes!).

$5,075 at net-a-porter

$11,410 at net-a-porter

From The Satatorialist's blog

I wish I had an extra $5 or 11k to shell out for one of these amazing jackets; unfortunately (or maybe fortunately...?), I don't have that kind of cash to be spending on amazing pieces like this. Hell, I could buy a car for that price. In any case, I admire these pieces greatly, and I have spent countless hours searching on ebay for something comparable. My search ended when I came across this jacket on, $70.34

Now that is a price I can live with. And the jacket is great. Very similar shape to the Balmain pieces; nice ornamentation, piping, details. I really like it! And I'm saving...$11,000. :) Ordered it today; will photograph it when it gets here! Yay!

Oh, and if you're not in love with the asos jacket like I am, definitely do an ebay search. Use some (or all) of these words: vintage military sgt. pepper drummer boy frogged marching band jacket. That's a mouthful.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

outfit of the day

Here's one of my "outfits of the day;" I really based the entire look around the long, emerald-green Amrita Singh earrings, which I am in love with...

Wearing: asoss sheer top, h&m ruffle skirt, vintage jewelry, green amrita sighn earrings, lotus studded booties, topshop lace tights, vintage clutch.

Close-up of the accessories:

Monday, April 13, 2009

denim craving: jet denim by josh eshaya light splat jeans

This could be love. Ok, ok; I know that the whole torn-up, bleached, messy jeans-type-look is somewhat trendy....but I really adore these jeans by Jet Denim! It's not just the bleach splatter pattern that I like so much; it's also the shape of the jean. The straight, skinny leg is just so cute with the bleaching. And, of course, Nicole Richie really creates an entire look from these jeans with her casual flats, slouchy boho top and hippy chic braided hair. Can you blame me for craving this trend?

Pre order at: Boutique To You - $187
Singer 22 - $189
Boutique To You discount codes! Get them cheaper!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

first lady fashion: peter soronen

I just adored the look Michelle Obama wore to her first black-tie dinner at the White House, to welcome the National Governors Association. She is perfectly-styled for the occasion. The purple dress dripping with subtle sequins, topped off by an oversized necklace, (also a great trend this season - a post about oversized & bib necklaces is forthcoming!) neutral shoes, and a simple yet gorgeous hairstyle. Love it.

The first lady is wearing:
Sequined gown by Peter Soronen
Crystal and pearl necklace by Tom Binns.

shoe crush of the day

Christian Louboutin - Miss Fortune Platform Sandals - $1195

Because mama has to pay her rent.....

Jeffrey Campbell - The Boudoir Boots - $149.99

louboutin sale!!!

If you haven't heard about it yet, make sure to check out Gilt Groupe today for their (gasp) Louboutin sale!!!

Not a member yet? Leave a comment on this post that you want an invite, and I'll email you one asap. Although probably not in time for this fab sale. Still, Gilt Groupe has LOTS of amazing designer sales, and you won't regret signing up!

Other places to look for Louboutins on sale:
Barneys sale
Footcandy sale

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

maison martin margiela fall 2009 rtw

I decided to blog about the Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2009 RTW show right after the Nina Ricci show because they show similar trends coming to the forefront of fashion (whilst being very different, unique collections). Still, it's hard to ignore the 80s influence both collections. Now, for the pictures....

source: nymag

I love the simple, slim lines combined with large, square shoulders. Yep, very 80s. Still, MMM creates gorgeous shapes in this collection, and they're predominantly large or bulky on top and skinny skinny on the bottom, with only tights or leggings. I must say, I think I'm ok with the 80s coming back if all of the clothes look like this collection!