Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Valentino Couture Fall 2009

I just had to share these pictures I found while browsing through random fashion shows. I am entirely obsessed with the lacey, feather-laden masks and headpieces in this show! If only I could borrow them...! I love the shapes in this collection as well; I'm amazed at how Valentino manages to create so much volume and contour without making the fabric look heavy and weighted. Makes me excited for fall! (But not so excited for Texas fall...because it's not the same!)
I want this coat! I'm obsessed with ruffles.

The shape created on the side of this dress is breathtakingly feminine, and it somehow doesn't make the model's figure look bulky, despite all the fabric. Gorgeous.

Amazing. The combination of lace + feathers + mask...is perfect.

The illusion in the garments is beautiful; it looks like the roses are floating.

Love the practically-all-nude look! And the headpiece is fantastic. Not to mention those shoes...!

Source: nymag.com
The combination of nude and black is great for fall! The skirt is fab -- it reminds me of a 60s mod lampshade! (only more refined, of course.)

Now someone get me those masks & headpieces!!! Please??

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