Thursday, August 13, 2009

shoe crush: acne suede elastic strapped heeled shoes

Geez, the name of the shoe is a mouthful. But it's gorgeous! Provided I had the money to blow, I don't even know which color I'd get; they're both wonderful.

I loveeee the elastic banding. Such a simple idea, but it makes such a bold statement! These shoes are THE perfect fall shoe in my opinion -- in either color. I wish the black ones had a different color of elastic banding (gray, maybe?); but they are, nonetheless, very cool.

Want 'em? Only $413.78 at Sigh. A girl can dream....


  1. Oh the nude are my favourite, they're so nice. But so ridiculously overpriced!!! Darn. I just love elastic on shoes, they seem to fit so much nicer

    nicola xx

  2. those look amazing...
    ahhh want.