Wednesday, September 2, 2009

outfit of the day: summer chic

And then it was September.........

Crazy. I can't believe that the summer months are pretty much over (even though it's still in the high 90s here in Austin...that ain't autumn weather, my friends)! Don't pack away your summer whites and florals just yet, though; you've still got time to relish in the beauty of summer's boho slouchyness (is that a word? probably not) and romantic ruffles.

Here are some pictures of an outfit I wore the other was HOT out = sweaty. I was trying to get an outdoor shot with the Austin skyline in the kinda/sorta worked; unfortunately, I can't direct and be in shoots at the same time. And the sun was crazy bright, so there's definitely over-exposure, too, sigh. Damn relinquishing-of-all-control. Hate it.

wearing: h&m men's tee, urban button skirt, jcrew floral belt, lots of vintage bracelets & bangles, flats from urban...forget what the label is called

Anyway, sorry for the lack of recent posts....the bf has been gone, and doing the whole attempt-to-take-my-own-picture thing is a lot of effort. Plus I've been doing some styling...yay! I'll post more this month...promise.

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