Sunday, January 31, 2010

inspiration - lady gaga and elton john opening performance at the 2010 grammys

dear lady gaga,
i love you.

how can you not love her? she certainly puts on a show. she looks fab, as always! her performace with elton john to open the grammys was great; loved the green sequin outfit - especially the shoes (still have to find a picture of her entire performance outfit; will update when i get one!).


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Megan Summerville & Tracy Tenpenny runway show

this happened a long time ago....last year in fact. still, i'd never gotten the pictures up from the show, and i finally want to share them! it was a show i did with Megan Summerville lingerie & Tracy Tenpenny jewelry - two fabulous designers. Here are some shots from Chad at la pistole - all pictures from la pistola's site,
i did the jewelry styling for this show, so i tried to find pictures where you could kinda see the jewelry...

(look, i'm in the background! yay)

hanging with megan

Sunday, January 24, 2010

seeking the perfect pair...

Lately, i've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of pants; it has been an exhausting experience. i still haven't found exactly what i've been looking for, but here are a few contenders, at least in terms of shape. I'm looking for something slightly higher-waisted, kind of tapered, and with the option to roll up the bottom to show off the shoes. here are a few i've come across with potential:

I really like these topshop cropped pants...they're also completely in line with the khaki trend. $70 at; not a bad price. they could work.

a pair from - also cute; not entirely sold on these, though. still, cute. cost: $95

a nice pair from i do really like these. still, hard to tell how the fabric will look in person...and returns to the UK suck. still, at $ may be worth it to test these babies out.

these may win the contest. super simple, super cute jcrew cropped trouser at for $118, i may have to think this decision over a little while longer.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a mad men holiday

My company had a mad men themed holiday party this year; here are some of my fave (and incredibly fashionable) pics!

my lovely team

my boo & myself

my fave set of pics - best friendies fighting over our true love!

I am wearing: Milly dress, crinoline, f21 necklace, h&m earrings, satin gloves, dolce vita shoes, asos back seam tights. also wore my kate spade jacket...will have to see if i can find a pic.

We had an amazing time, and the photographer was fabulous. I do have some more individual pics from my own camera, but I have to upload them...which I'll do soon! In my pics you can see my entire outfit.