Tuesday, July 14, 2009

it's been a minute....

Hey guys! So, it's been awhile since my last post (sorry!), but I've been reallllllllly busy. Currently, I'm working on Austin Fashion Week (it's Austin's very first Fashion Week ever...yay!), and I've been going nonstop. I love it, though; I'm stying for Texas's Next Top Designer (she just won the award!), Megan Summerville. She's an amazingly talented lingerie designer who specializes in creating gorgeous pieces out of vintage fabric. She truely has some breathtaking designs.

This weekend, I did two photo shoots for Megan's designs; I did the hair and styled booth shoots. It was great! I have some pictures from the shoot for your enjoyment. I'm hoping we'll get some color shots...I really love the color in her garments.

The last shot is one of my favorites...so chic. Shot by Benson Roberts of Mange La Mode; Designs by Megan Summerville

And, if you're in Austin, come out for fashion week! We'll be at Underwear (916 B, W. 12th St. Austin, TX) from 5p-8p this Thursday, July 16th for "Lingerie and Cocktails" ...! I'll be styling & doing hair for that event, as well as for our runway show later on that night! I'm not sure the exact time of our show yet, but I'll post more info as soon as I have it. It will be at Qua on 5th St. right in downtown Austin, and there will be multiple designers on the runway (only multiple designer show during Austin Fashion Week!). You don't want to miss it. I think it's going to start between 9-10pm....so be at Qua on Thursday at 9pm (after you've enjoyed your Lingerie & Cocktails at Underwear, of course)!!!

You can check out the entire fashion week schedule here, although I'm not sure whether or not our runway show will be listed. As for tonight, I'm off to Feathers Boutique for their Blog Launch Party from 6pm-8pm. See you there!

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  1. Hi thanks for commenting on my blog. Yours is great.

    I love these pictures espesh seeing them in black and white.

    Did you wana exchange links??

    Love Jojo x