Monday, April 20, 2009

i must have it: military marching band drummer boy new (or vintage) sgt. pepper balmain jacket

Alright, so this style of jacket has lots of descriptors, as evident by the title. I've seen them called band, military, Sgt. Pepper, frogged, and marching jackets, to list just a few of the names! In any case, the leader in this trend seems to be the fantastic Balmain, having created some fabulous marching jackets (with some not-so-fabulous pricetags. Yikes!).

$5,075 at net-a-porter

$11,410 at net-a-porter

From The Satatorialist's blog

I wish I had an extra $5 or 11k to shell out for one of these amazing jackets; unfortunately (or maybe fortunately...?), I don't have that kind of cash to be spending on amazing pieces like this. Hell, I could buy a car for that price. In any case, I admire these pieces greatly, and I have spent countless hours searching on ebay for something comparable. My search ended when I came across this jacket on, $70.34

Now that is a price I can live with. And the jacket is great. Very similar shape to the Balmain pieces; nice ornamentation, piping, details. I really like it! And I'm saving...$11,000. :) Ordered it today; will photograph it when it gets here! Yay!

Oh, and if you're not in love with the asos jacket like I am, definitely do an ebay search. Use some (or all) of these words: vintage military sgt. pepper drummer boy frogged marching band jacket. That's a mouthful.

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