Tuesday, April 21, 2009

outfit of the day

vintage sheer magenta dress, vintage belt, aa hat, & zara neon shoes

Shoe lovers, eat your heart out.

I wish I had some close-ups of the detailing on this dress! Anyway, it's a really cute secretary-style bright magenta dress with a three-button closure detailing at the neckline. The top is sheer (bottom is not), and the waist has elasticity, which helps to make it fitted while maintaining that blouson-like look. Will be up on ebay soon (although I have more styling to do before that happens!) Oh, and I just threw in that extra photo of the shoes...picked those babies up in Barcelona at a Zara. They are fabulous! And not to be missed with the highlighter neon yellow color! Loves.


  1. AWESOME shoes! I love the pink and the yellow together!


  2. I love the colours in this outfit. The hat is amaazing with the dress!

  3. Awesome shoes:) You look great in them!

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