Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Lipsy London

I found this little gem of an online boutique whilst stumbling around UK fashion sites (which I love to do); they have some really fantastic pieces! And the prices are very reasonable (yes, it's in pounds sterling which, for us Americans, kind of sucks...) for the products. Bonus for US citizens -- when checking out, your order may actually be cheaper than it seems, because we don't get charged VAT (which is 15%). However, shipping is costly, so it depends on how much you actually spend. But....your order could potentially be less than it appears! Here are some of my favorites from the site:

Strapless jeweled pocket dress, £65.00, already sold out! (says they'll be getting more soon...)

Bustier ruffle dress, £70.00

And, for all of you still coveting a military marching band cadet (etc.) jacket, check this out!
Military frilled leather jacket, £140.00

The construction of the garments appears to be really fantastic for the prices on this site. Yes, it is in pounds, but keep in mind that the dollar-to-pound conversion rate is the lowest it's been in a long, long time! (1
£ = 1.455 dollars, last I checked today, which is pretty good. And don't forget the VAT discount!) So go! Check out this site!

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