Saturday, May 9, 2009

outfit of the day

h&m tux bazer, aa tank, f21 shorts, topshop lace leggings, vintage necklace, zara neon shoes

I love these shoes (obviously). And I really love combining bright/neon yellow with hot pink or magenta. Just think it's a great combination. I snatched up these fantastic leggings at topshop when I visited london last february...that place is amazing! Too bad there's only one in the US...and it's alllll the way in NYC. Makes me sad. Hopefully they'll continue expanding...!


  1. Hey... just found your blog today… pretty nice.

    Quick question. I’m pretty much into clothes, shopping, fashion, etc. and was curious if you ever use a site called to basically inventory all of your clothes, make and save outfits, etc.?

    Just found the site about a week ago, and it’s been a lifesaver and didn’t know if you were on it too.

  2. wow! that is quite a combination indeed :)