Wednesday, September 9, 2009

photo shoot with the sis

So, my sis came out for labor day, which was exciting for me! We had lots of fun running around Austin together, and we even made time for a couple photo shoots. That was a high priority on my list, since she's a fantastic model, as is evident in the photos:

model: sarah (sis); styling: me; she's wearing a kate spade coat, target cloche, vintage earrings, random bangles & bracelets, luichiny cutout booties

Lots more fab pictures to come....shot the sis in another outfit, and she tested the waters by photographing me in some of my self-styled outfits. Yay! It was a really fun Labor Day break.


  1. Yay!! It was so much fun being there and doing the shoots =) And i finally figured out how to follow your blog! WooT!

    <3 Sis

  2. yayyyyyyyy, glad you're following! w00t!