Monday, May 4, 2009

style steal

style steal:

Warning: this site is addictive. Here's how it works: pieces of jewelry are posted for about 10 minutes each, with 9 items posted at a time. There's a timer next to each item to let you know for how much longer it's available; once that timer expires, the item is gone (but it may reappear later...). The best part? Everything is free! Well, you have to pay s&h per item, which is just $5.99. Really, considering some of the amazing things I've seen on the site so far, that's nothing. They have all kinds of great stuff; from contemporary jewelry, to (expensive) fine jewelry, including gold plating, gemstones, and lots of pearls. Here are a few of the gorgeous things I've eyed thus far today:

pearl ribbon necklace

amethyst earrings

pearl dangle earrings

You have to check out the site. Try not to become addicted, like I am!

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