Sunday, January 24, 2010

seeking the perfect pair...

Lately, i've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of pants; it has been an exhausting experience. i still haven't found exactly what i've been looking for, but here are a few contenders, at least in terms of shape. I'm looking for something slightly higher-waisted, kind of tapered, and with the option to roll up the bottom to show off the shoes. here are a few i've come across with potential:

I really like these topshop cropped pants...they're also completely in line with the khaki trend. $70 at; not a bad price. they could work.

a pair from - also cute; not entirely sold on these, though. still, cute. cost: $95

a nice pair from i do really like these. still, hard to tell how the fabric will look in person...and returns to the UK suck. still, at $ may be worth it to test these babies out.

these may win the contest. super simple, super cute jcrew cropped trouser at for $118, i may have to think this decision over a little while longer.

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